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Over the past few years I have had the privilege of speaking alongside presidents, world leaders and industry heavyweights at creative events across the world, including Cannes Lions, Awwwards and Web Summit


Over the past few years I have had the privilege of speaking alongside presidents, world leaders and industry heavyweights at creative events across the world, including Cannes Lions, Awwwards and Web Summit. I lecture for creative schools in London, Paris and New York and also serve as a judge for The World Media Awards, Native Advertising Awards and FWA.

Graham McDonnell - Events

Creative Events

I have featured in some of the biggest creative events in the world, sharing insights into what I do, how I do it and how you can too.

Graham McDonnell - Events

Brand Workshops

Using my experience in leading the world's biggest brands, I help educate creative teams on how to elevate brands to the next level.

Graham McDonnell - Events

Industry Panels

Discussion among creative peers can be a great opportunity to lift the lid on the biggest trends and movements in the industry.

Graham McDonnell - Events

Guest Lecturing

I have lectured at Parsons School of Design, Shillington University and Leeds Beckett, about a range of creative and digital topics.

Graham McDonnell - Events

Creative Podcasts

It seems like everyone has their own podcast these days, but I often feature on episodes where I feel I can bring creative value.

Graham McDonnell - Events

Online Seminars

Covid left a lasting impression on the world, but in-person events aren't for everyone, so every service I offer is also available online.

Graham McDonnell - Creative Speaker

Previous Events

Cannes Lions
KIKK Festival
Webit Festival
Digiday Summit

Session Topics

Putting the Story into Storytelling

Everyone loves a good story. So why does a vast amount of online digital content overlook the basic rules of effective storytelling? I’ll examine various ways of applying simple storytelling techniques to our content, touching on things like design, UX, narrative, etc. and why this approach helps make sure audiences are glued until the very end.

In Defense of the Jack of All Trades

Being a jack of all trades almost always has a negative connotation associated with it, especially in the creative industry, since it implies that by splitting your time to learn many things, you give up mastery of any of them. But there's so much un-attributed value in being a generalist. In a career that has touched on composing music for film, motion graphics, branding and UX design (among dozens of others), I’ll discuss the creative benefits of exposure to multiple skills and the value that lies in the connective tissue between them.

How to make terrible branded content

It seems like every marketer in the world is quick to share their industry secrets and fool-proof shortcuts around how to create scroll-stopping content. But no one ever talks about the common pitfalls and rookie mistakes that the vast majority of branded content falls victim to. Using my experience in leading creative for the branded content studios of The New York Times and TIME magazine, I'll go through the the most common blunders that content creators make when producing content for brands.


WOW! For the 1st time 22 years of entrepreneurship, for 20 minutes I felt understood! Thank you @grahammcuk for sharing

Lou Clarke

Thank you so much for your talk! We heard that you even made people cry... this is the real art of storytelling!

Web Expo

Great talk from @grahammcuk about being a jack of all trades. Always thought of myself as one.


Finally! A voice to tell us that we can be interested in all kinds of things and STILL SUCCEED. Thank you to @grahammcuk for a killer presentation at
#collisionconf today!

KIKI Litalien

My absolute favorite session at #collisonconf so far by @grahammcuk As a jack of all trades myself - very inspiring to hear how I can create meaningful impacts and an interesting career path!

Book Sadprasid

Such an insightful talk on generalist vs. specialist. This gives me confidence and a new way of thinking on how I'll approach learning. Seriously, thank you.

Wayne Cen

Very probably the best talk on storytelling which I've ever seen (complex but not complicated), thank you @grahammcuk

Bob Marvan

The most accurate visualization of Product Placement I have ever seen by @grahammcuk Amazing talk!

Jiri Svoboda

Funny, insightful talk about telling engaging and relevant stories with @grahammcuk

Graham McDonnell - Creative Speaker

laura douglas

One of the best and most inspiring speeches there! Thanks for your stories, Graham!

Daniel Skvaril

Graham McDonnell - Creative Speaker

Fancy a Chat?

I'm always open to exploring new opportunities. Whether you'd like to collaborate on a project, you have a cool event you think I might bring value to, or just want to chat about industry related stuff, ping me an email using the button below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.